Monday, February 21, 2011

King is dead, long live the King

When I was choosing a color scheme for my blog, I checked out many websites and blogs of family law attorneys. The prevailing colors were brownish, reddish types that you would see at a funeral. Pictures also conveyed, at least to me, a message that your life, as you know it, has ended and it's time to bury it. On one hand, it is true that divorces are destructive. After a divorce, one will not be able to continue leading same life as before. Things will change, whether you want it or not. That is true. What is not true is an idea that attorneys help or should help one to bury their old life, arrange a funeral.

Instead as I see my family law work as a way to help people to get their lives back. The old life is over, now it is time to start a new better life and my mission is to assist people to move on, start planning for a better future. The new life is bound to be better because hopefully we learn from our mistakes, we evolve, we know better now.

I also believe that people need to know their legal rights. That knowledge will help them to avoid silly arguments, which usually are not based on any laws or, in some cases, even common sense. Well informed people will also be able to make sound decisions, maybe even preserve semi-good relationships with former spouses, which is essential when children are involved.